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Tale of a Tattoo

December 31, 2012

When Jacki was 14 she read A Certain Slant of Light for the first time and was hooked from the opening line. She would sneak it into class, hiding it behind her text book. She cherished the story for years, finding it unforgettable. Something hit home for Jacki when she read the descriptions of loneliness in the novel. The experience of being a ghost, invisible to the world, seemed to her to mirror the feelings of a troubled teenager. And the peculiar love story, displaced in time and space, captured her heart. “It’s a story that I will love my whole life,” says Jacki. “A book I’ll pass down to my children.” She loves tattoos, and the one she had done for A Certain Slant of Light was not her first.  “I have hearts on my wrists,” says Jacki. “One pointing towards me representing the love I receive and the other pointing away from me for the love I give.”

Jacki C

“Haunt Me,” inked across her stomach, is a quote from the scene in which Helen first comes to live with James. 

haunt me tattoo

Jacki says, “Between losing close friends and my mom, it seems as though death has surrounded me.  I strongly believe in life after death.“ Jacki, now 21, wants to become an embalmer or funeral director and to write her own stories that she hopes will capture people’s imaginations the way hers was caught by A Certain Slant of Light.