April Give-Away

The winner of the March Give-Away is Ashley of Green Cove Springs, Florida. The April Give-Away will be another advanced reader copy of Under the Light (the companion to A Certain Slant of Light.) Enter by sending me your name and physical address via the “Email Laura Whitcomb” link on my website.

UtL comes out on May 14. Here is another teaser:

UtL ARC cover

I felt drawn to move in a specific direction as if I was in the blackness of outer space and there was only one star to follow. I flew slowly at first, east, between buildings, then over railroad cross bars and along farm fences. I became more confident and started gaining speed, even though I still had no idea what I was looking for.

It’s heading straight for you, I heard some voice inside me whisper.

Instead of scaring me, this only made me want to get there faster. The world rolled forward, the horizon in front of me curling like the crown of an ocean wave. And then, in a rush of magnetic energy, I was swung around and stopped, hovering in midair. Whatever was coming at me had passed by me, or possibly through me. I set my feet down in the grass of an open field where the horizon in every direction was flat. Not a hill or tree to give it shape or size. I had no idea how many miles I’d flown or what state I was in. The heavens came smack down to the earth all around and I could see the faint curve of the planet in the distance.

But the field wasn’t completely empty. About a hundred yards away, I saw a boy levitating three feet off the ground. He came to rest with his sneakers in the grass and walked in my direction as if he’d forgotten he could just fly to me.


3 Responses to “April Give-Away”

  1. Nicole Says:

    If we’ve entered previously for UtL, do we still need to email you?

  2. Ashley Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the ARC of Under the Light. I loved it! You are such an awesome writer & I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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