March Give-Away

The winner of the February drawing was Nicole of Edgewater, NJ. And the March Give-Away will be for more of the same, another advanced reader copy of (the companion novel to A Certain Slant of Light) Under the Light which hits book stores on May14th. If you already sent in your name for the other ARC Give-Aways, no need to re-enter, but if you are entering for the first time, send your name and physical address to me via my website link titled “Email Laura Whitcomb.”

UtL ARC cover

And here is another excerpt from Under the Light:

Even if time could be moved like tugging a rope, it would certainly be a ponderous rope that stronger spirits than I found immovable. As I watched that single thread of lightning billow through the water above me like the aurora borealis, I imagined the heavy cord of time stretching away from me in the water like the hard thick rope on a great ship. And I imagined it wavering, softening, then flattening into a ribbon.

If time were as thin and flexible as all that, I should be able to pull it with ease–I could unroll it from its spindle and be back with Jenny. I pictured the last time I had seen her–she’d been sitting on her bed, holding out the back of her hand that I might speak to her. I couldn’t hear her voice, but she might have been asking me a question that a “Y” or an “N” would have answered: Are you with me? Will you help me?

She was far away, but I could feel her lifting her hand to me now, waiting for me to speak. She needed to know: Am I crazy or are you real? Am I alone or will you come to me and help me?


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