February Give-Away

The winners of the December/January Give-Away are Chantel of South Africa and Kayla or Salem, Oregon. The February drawing will also be an advanced reader copy of Under the Light. I will keep all the names that are already in the drawing pool and add any new entries that come in. (Write me with your physical address using the “Email Laura Whitcomb” link on my website at www.laurawhitcomb.com.)

A short excerpt from Under the Light (coming to bookstores 5/14/13):

     I didn’t know I had only a handful of minutes. Or that the cellar was a mistake. That strange feeling in my gut, that something wonderful might be just around the corner, flared back up inside me as we stepped out the kitchen door and into the wind. A thrill shot through me. God made the storm just as God made the rainbow and the calm that comes after the storm. God made the earth and all that dwelled there and also Heaven and Hell and all the angels and devils that dwell there, too. So there is God in everything, in the wind and the rain and the burning white of lightning.

lightning storm

     Maybe if I could have held onto that thought, I might have left that cellar for Heaven instead of hell. But then, I never would have found James. So maybe God truly was in the rising water and the darkness and the terror. His eye, the unblinking funnel of cloud at the center of my panic.


One Response to “February Give-Away”

  1. Kim Corbett Says:

    I can’t wait to read your new book!

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