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Morning Magic

August 27, 2012

The bad news is, I am not going to teach you a spell to make the agent you queried sign you or the editor to whom you recently sent your manuscript offer you a book deal. The good news is, in this blog post and the next two I am going to share three types of magic practices that I believe helped me break in as a novelist and empowered my career.

Before my son was born, my sister Cynthia and I used to sit down together every day and do prayers and meditations, our Morning Magic, a three part exercise. First we’d start with prayers for family and friends, especially those in need physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially. Where two or more gather together, the power is multiplied. This is not only good for the receiver of the prayer, it’s a blessing to those who pray. I always feel calmer and clearer at the end of this part of the magic. And something about doing for others before you do for yourself gives the second and third parts of the magic more potency.

Next we’d meditate on prosperity. This could come in the form of abstract images or vivid daydreaming. Sometimes I would do nothing more than feel the joy of what it would be like to have a full and steady cash flow.  Other times I’d picture a scene – I am with my child at Disneyland where we have a great room at the Disneyland hotel – as we explore Fantasyland I see that I am wearing new Eileen Fisher clothes – we are so wealthy that we eat lunch at the Blue Bayou restaurant and then shop for a Winnie the Pooh doll and a Mickey Mouse tee-shirt without needing to read the price-tags.

Finally my sister and I would take turns asking for positive visualizations on specific topics. We’d both concentrate on my request for a few minutes of silent visualization and sharing about what we saw, then we’d do the same for her. Sometimes I wanted to picture myself finishing my current novel and having it come out fast and fabulous or (before my son was born) getting the perfect adoption match. Cyn sometimes wanted to picture one of her plays being produced or her next writing cruise going great. It’s amazing how good this makes you feel – inspired, joyful, energetic. And, I’m telling you, miraculous things have been manifested.  

As an example:

A few months before I adopted my son, I got a cryptic email from my agent saying we might be hearing some good news from overseas soon. That meant a new foreign deal was probably on its way. The largest foreign I’d had before came to about $8000.00. Though it seemed unlikely, during our Morning Magic I said, “Let’s picture this new deal being enough to pay for the whole adoption.” (The adoption fees were between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars.) So we concentrated on that idea for just a few minutes. Within a couple of days I got the news that I’d sold the German rights to my first novel in a bidding war for 20,000 euros. Not dollars. Euros. More than enough to pay all the adoption costs. This might have happened even without the Morning Magic, but I’m not sure about that.

Since Binny, now two and a half years old, has become mobile it’s become harder to do Morning Magic – you really can’t take your eyes off the little guy, even in a baby-proofed room — but I hope we can figure out a way to get back to it – it’s priceless.

If you don’t have a prayer buddy, you can do the same three steps (prayers for others, prosperity, and current needs) on your own.  AND you can also try a Daily Visioning paragraph. Each morning I slightly revise, but mostly just recite, a paragraph that instructs my day on how to be wonderful.

“Today I will get great stuff done and be inspired by it; I’ll get great writing done and LOVE what I come up with; I’ll get wonderful things in the mail including lots of money; I’ll also get great news about my career and money; I’ll look and feel great all day and night; I’ll sleep sweetly with delightful dreams; I’ll experience the weather as gorgeous and perfect (this works well – I almost always enjoy the weather in Oregon,  rain or shine); I’ll feel naturally happy thus drawing even more good to me; I’ll hear that Cyn, Mol,  and Binny (include your household members)have  great days, too; Max will feel perfect all day and night and be perfectly well behaved and do all his pees and poos outside (important if you have a high-maintenance pet); (insert any special event for the day and how it will go well); and I’ll get fabulous fan mail! Thank you, dear God, for all these your gifts which bring us great joy.

I have no proof that this paragraph actually reforms my day, but it feels good and so I continue to read it out loud every morning. If words become things, as they say in The Secret (Rhonda Byrne,2006)and The Law of Attraction (Michael J. Losier, 2006) and The Game of Life and How to Play It (Florence Scovel Shinn, 1925) then I want positive words floating in my head and flowing from my mouth.

Next time I’ll describe some visioning techniques that I believe helped me land my first book deal.


August/September Give-Away

August 26, 2012

So sorry for the delay in announcing the prize for the Give-Away this month–we’ve been hip deep in a family reunion which was noisy, fun, funny, heartwarming, and exhausting, as all family gatherings are that include four people three years old or younger, hee hee.

In honor of my having participated in the 3-Day Novel Writing experience 14 times in my life, every Labor Day weekend from 1987 through 2000, the Give-Away this month and for September is a signed copy of Your First Novel. I’ll draw two names from all those who enter before the first day of October. Just send me your name and physical address via the “Email Laura Whitcomb” link on my website.

And if you’d like to enter the 3-Day Novel Writing contest this year, see their website at: — it’s fun, crazy, and it always left me feeling awesome.