We’re not in Kansas anymore . . .

The theme of our September Supernatural Tea Party was “Other Realms & the Journeys There and Back” — the Underworld, Valhalla, Spirit Worlds, the Astral Realm, mythic journeys, the crossover between fairy realms and the land of the dead, etc. We dined on tea sandwiches and dried snap peas (Binny loved these crispy little things that Roxanne brought) plus, butter cake, shortbread, and grilled cinnamon apple slices. We saw clips, everything from The Return To Oz and Peter Pan to Twilight Zone episodes, The Dark, and Tron. Again, we had pop corn from the stove top crank machine for a late night treat. So many ideas get stirred up in my imagination during these teas – I love that.


2 Responses to “We’re not in Kansas anymore . . .”

  1. Faery Queen (@theFaeryQueen) Says:

    Zoweee, scrumptious! And how does one receive an invitation to such an otherworldly party?!

    • Laura Whitcomb Says:

      It’s by invitation only because we have a certain amount of regulars and we all have to fit around one coffee table, but I might have an expanded event one of these days. Are you in the Portland OR area? Email me via my website and we’ll chat!

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