The Arts & The Supernatural

At our August Supernatural Tea Party we ate truffle pudding, berry muffins, Quarter Cake (made with one quart each eggs, butter, flour, and sugar) and grilled Havarti sandwiches. My sister, Wendy, from California was there with her two daughters, Anne and Siobhan.

I shared a story about a haunted opera house in the south — its owner was called to the theater one night because someone had called the police saying the party going on inside the theater was too loud. Of course, when the cops arrived and investigated, there was no one there at all. The owner also claimed to have seen a production of Uncle Tom’s Cabin from a seat in the back row. If he did witness such a thing, my therory is that he was glimpsing the past rather than watching a troop of ghosts. Interesting idea . . .


We watched clips, were entertained by the ever fascinating Binny boy, and talked about haunted and/or magical paintings, sculptures, music, dance, theaters, plays, operas, and books — and we also enjoyed our traditional off-topic chattings. Huzzah to the Supernatural Tea Parties!


One Response to “The Arts & The Supernatural”

  1. Wendela Says:

    So much fun!

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