Column teasers continue . . .

From “No, Really, I’m Almost Done” August 2011

I love being a full-time novelist, but the last leg of writing a book, leading up to the publisher’s deadline, can be stressful. I’m supposed to, I mean I AM GOING TO, turn in my latest manuscript this month. The following is a list of what goes through my mind during big crunches of this kind. 

From “Morning Magic” September 2011

A few months before I adopted my son, I got a cryptic email from my agent saying we might be hearing some good news from overseas soon. That meant a new foreign deal was probably on its way. The largest foreign I’d had before came to about $8000.00. Though it seemed unlikely, during our Morning Magic I said, “Let’s picture this new deal being enough to pay for the whole adoption.” (The adoption fees were between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars.) So we concentrated on that idea for just a few minutes. Within a couple of days I got the news that I’d sold the German rights to my first novel in a bidding war for 20,000 euros. Not dollars. Euros. More than enough to pay all the adoption costs. This might have happened even without the Morning Magic, but I’m not sure about that.

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