September Give-Away

The winner of the August Give-Away is Sharen of Westwood, New Jersey. In honor of Halloween, the September Give-Away will be a copy of Melissa Marr’s first adult novel, a supernatural adventure romance called  Graveminder which I reviewed in the Washington Post. Sorry, it is not signed by the author but it’s a fun read. (Email your name and physical address to me via the “Email Laura Whitcomb” link on my website.)


I’m sorry that the Give-Away listings are not up-to-date on my website. My wonderful web stylist, Brian Batson, passed away and I am in denial about that and reluctant to find a new webmaster or learn how to do it myself. But I promise to get on that right away. Also, sorry that I got behind on mailing out Give-Away prizes — I’ll send the June, July, and August winnings tomorrow.

Plus, because of my recent deadline crunch, I fell behind on blog posts. So sorry. To make it up to you I will try to blog once a day for the rest of the month. News, book recommendations, teasers, and tips.


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