Writing Tip #18 — keep your eyes open for contests, fellowships, and free stuff

Well, the title of that tip was pretty self-explanatory, so here’s an opportunity to place before your opened eyes:

A  free day at the Willamette Writers Conference in August 2011 may be within your grasp if you apply for a C. Whitcomb Conference Scholarship. Writing teachers (from accredited high schools and colleges) enter by nominating their best writing student(s). If a student wins, so does the teacher. (If you are a student, rather than a teacher, let your teacher know about this contest and that you would love them to nominate you if they feel you deserve it.) The winning student and teacher will each be awarded a day at the Willamette Writers Conference, August 5-7, 2011 at the Airport Sheraton in Portland, Oregon. For the rules go to www.willamettewriters.com

I happen to know that one of the past student winners eventually landed a three book deal! You never know when/where an opportunity might lurk.


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