Tea for the Gentry

Ah, yes, another Supernatural Tea Party — in March our tea was all about Ireland and the Little People. We talked about fairies and other wee folk, watched a documentary about fairy paths and other enchantments,  saw clips from Darby O’Guill and the Little People and also Fairytale: A True Story, and we digressed a bit as we shared about our childhoods (probably brought on by the food I served.)

We dined on tiny wee foods (most of which were delicious, indeed) — tiny sandwiches, tiny bits of sausage in pastry, fairy houses (pound cake) dusted with powdered sugar snow, two inch carrot sticks, quarter-size scones, six flavors of tiny jams and jellies, blueberries (fairyfolk like berries, I believe), miniature cookies and cakes and candies, baby rounds of cheese, very fine (as in chopped small) fruit salad and macaroni salad, and even fairy-sized s’mores (see recipe below.)

Julie brought the fairies!

A very lovely time was had by all.

Binny slept through the first part of this party but especially enjoyed a leftover tiny chocolate cupcake. He got about half of it in his mouth, a quarter on his face and hands, and a quarter in the dogs’ mouths. That’s the way the fairy cookie crumbles, eh?

Fairy S’Mores

Take pieces of honeygraham cereal and separate out an even number of flat ones (some are too curled) on a paperplate or microwave-safe plate.

Place one chocolate chip on each of half of these mini-grahams.

Place one half of a mini marshmallow on each of the others.

Heat them in the microwave for a few seconds until the marshmallows puff up.

Turn the marshmallow halves upside down onto the chocolate ones and give a gentle smoosh.

Let stand for a minute to “set.”

The Sweet'n'Low packet is to show size.

An added touch that I used at this tea party was to get half a dozen wood toothpicks and put a mini marshmallow skewered on the end of each stick then I toasted them a bit over the open stove top flame. Very cute indeed. My one complaint I got about these treats at the tea party was that I hadn’t made enough. Who knew they’d be such a hit? I made them mostly as a decoration!


One Response to “Tea for the Gentry”

  1. Wendela Says:

    Absolutely adorable! I wish I’d been there!

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