Tea & Sweethearts

Yesterday was our February Supernatural Tea Party — after a wonderful digression into the art of Storytelling vs. Reporting, we talked about paranormal love stories: different kinds of soul mates, couples who meet in magical ways, husbands/wives who continue to commune with their spouses after death, soul mate dreams, and so on. Always fascinating. A new member attended, Anne, who sailed the Atlantic with my sister last year on her “Writing the Waves” cruise.

We dined on tea sandwiches, Earl grey, heart-shaped chocolates, black and white cupcakes (Don made), chocolate shortbread (Pam made) and cinnamon cake from Anne. Afterwards we watched clips that ranged from lovers in past lives, romantic time warps, fateful meetings, and magical couplings. Characters included ghosts, mermaids, time travelers, and we touched on supernatural adventures of the dating and mating variety. We popped corn and interpreted the Rorschach-like patterns on the tops of the cupcakes (dragon, crane, Italy, accidental creations in dark chocolate and cream cheese.)

Binny had a great time as usual. He even tasted his first lemon curd sandwich (well, he licked it, anyway.) Next time we will discuss the Little People and Ireland in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.


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