Goodies, Gods, & Goddesses . . .

At our most recent Supernatural Tea Party we shared tales of the days of Gods and Goddesses. 

I served a three tiered tray of sweets — divinity on the top, closer to the heavens; truffles below since they come from the earth. Well, since they’re named for something found in the earth. 

We provided health nibblies for those being good (celery and carrot sticks, cheese, nuts, rice crackers and sugar-free candies) and naughty things for those being bad (tea sandwiches, huckleberry brownies that Don baked, shortbread from Pam, chocolate almond squares and rum cake.)

We talked about the oldest samples of written language (cuneiform) supposedly taught to humans “by the gods.” We contemplated the passage of scripture that references giants walking the earth.

Binny had a grand time. I wonder if he’ll remember any of the tea parties from his first year. Perhaps they’ll just simmer in the back of his mind like the picture books we are shown in infancy. Ooo, what a treasury of heroes, quests, myths, mysterious monsters and magical beasts!

Later we watched clips, everything from Jason and the Argonauts to The Twilight Zone. As usual, a lovely time had by all. These conversations are excellent for stirring up story ideas.


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