What I did on my Christmas vacation . . .

Okay, I confess. I don’t have a vacation at Christmas because I don’t have a day job (other than being a novelist and a mommy.) But here’s what happened to me:

I wrangled the props again for the Christmas Revels, this year set in Spain. Wonderful, haunting show.

I had a holiday supernatural tea party where we discussed Christmas magic like Santa, elves, Jack Frost, the winter solstice, and other mysterious things of the Decemberish ilk.

To celebrate my birthday I went shopping at several Goodwills with my family finding delightful treasures, went out to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, and could hardly get enough of my Tres Leche cake. (Better start a diet soon.)

My sister hosted a brunch at our place and it was splendid to schmooze with old friends and new.

I loved having my sister Wendy and her kids visiting from California. We played games like dominoes, dressed the baby up like a shepherd and an elf, watched old movies (White Christmas, Scrooge, A Christmas Story) and took turns cooking for each other, reading out loud to each other, and using the Wii Fit.

Binny with cousin Molly

Cousins Siobhan and Dave try to convince Binny that solid food is a good idea

It was Binny’s first Christmas and as predicted he loved the wrapping and boxes as much as the toys. He thoroughly enjoyed all the holiday music and rocked out to it in his little one-year-old, head-bobbing, knee bouncing style.

And, as you might have guessed, I’m still recovering from all the fun. Hope your holidays were just as exhaustingly blissful.


5 Responses to “What I did on my Christmas vacation . . .”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Happy New Year Laura! Binny gets cuter and bigger every time you post photos!
    Love to you and your family.

  2. Virginia Says:

    Um, can your sister come have a spread at my house?? YUM! And Happy First Christmas, Binny! You’re adorable… I want to smooch you. Good thing I have a little guy almost your age or I’d be tooo jealous.
    In your discussion, do you mentioned things written about the topic, or just the topic? I was thinking of Pratchett’s YA novel ‘Wintersmith’ and Jack Frost. Good fantasy/ supernatural fare!

  3. Wendela Says:

    SO much fun! Love the pictures!

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