News Flashes!

The German Book Awards — SILBERLICHT (the German translation of A  CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT) is on the shortlist for the German Book Awards. If you’d like to vote, go to:

and thank you for your support!

Give-Aways — The winner of the November Give-Away was Misha of Uttar Pradesh, India. I’ll send out that copy of YOUR FIRST NOVEL next week. The December Give-Away will be a signed copy of NOVEL SHORTCUTS, my second writing book. If you’d like to enter, send me your name and physical address using the “Email Laura Whitcomb” link on my website at: and let me know if you do NOT want to be on my snailmail list for periodic goodies like bookmarks and postcards.

Writing Tips — Congratulations to everyone who participated in Nanowrimo (the National Novel Writing Month) — I hope you all got even more words under your belts than you expected. And I hope you loved what you wrote. Starting in the February issue of the Willamette Writers Newsletter, I’ll have a monthly column. To join WW and get the newsletter, visit their site at: Also in 2011 I will post writing tip blogs twice a month. Look for them around the 7th and 23rd of every month.


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