Tea & Ghosties

I tried to carve the smile to match Binny's.

My annual Supernatural Tea Party marked its two-year anniversary with the traditional Halloween Tea.

 Cyn decorated the rest of the house with her fabulous Halloween toy collection, but I decorated the living room and dining room with spooky style tomb stones, ghosts, gargoyles, skeletons, and other long-leggity beasties.

We told ghost stories and discussed the history of the holiday, mysteries unseen, and other fascinating tidbits.

Some of Cyn's Halloweeny "dolls" on display.

We served fresh scones with Devon cream, pumpkin/gingerbread tarts, lemon curd sandwiches, and trick-or-treat sweets.

I also turned green “snowballs” into cemetery cakes — fun.

Bin as a duck for the Halloween fair on the 30th.

We heard the recording of Vincent Price teaching how to conjure a demon (don’t worry — we didn’t take his advice — but it was vintage entertainment on a dark Halloween evening.)

At the fair with a scary clown -- oh, my!

(By the way, I always protect our meetings with the Light of God so that no subject we might touch on can bring us any negativity.)

Binny was the only one who wore a costume, but he looked spiffy as Pierrot.

After the tea we had a movie clips party where Cyn, Don and I showed some of our favorite spooky scenes — Don also showed part of a documentary about the origins of All Hallows Eve.

Bin chats with Susan Fletcher.

Sadly, no trick-or-treater ever comes to our door — no street lights, no sidewalks, and too much land between each house out in these parts.

Max as a bat and Binny giving Don a funny look -- hey, kid, Don's making sure you don't topple off the table!

The night was delightful ~ Bin loved his first Halloween.


4 Responses to “Tea & Ghosties”

  1. Von Says:

    I love Bin in his costumes! He is so expressive! And such a patient Max, “wearing” his bat wings for a photo. Lovelovelove!

  2. Anne Says:

    Yay, Hallowe’en pictures! Oh, Bin, what a cutie, and with his loyal bat-dog!


  3. Teresa Says:

    This child is as sweet as Heaven! He is so cute. Love Bat Dog too.

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