November Give-Away

Linda of San Mateo, California is the winner of the October Give-Away — congratulations, Linda. I’ll send you (and the winner of the June Give-Away) copies of the soft cover FETCH now that I have them in stock, as it were.

In honor of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) the November Give-Away will be a signed (by me, at least) copy of YOUR FIRST NOVEL, co-authored with my fabulous agent Ann Rittenbrerg.

Praise for YFN ~

Harlan Coben:

Superb advice on writing a great novel and getting it published.

George Hagen, author of The Laments:

This book offers the spark of inspiration that gets a writer both mentally and physically geared for the task. Then it delivers something equally vital: clear-headed, positive advice about the business side of writing a novel. It’ll inspire you to create, challenge you to be great, and bolster you with the wisdom of two seasoned professionals.


2 Responses to “November Give-Away”

  1. Lynsey Newton Says:

    I’ve totally forgotten how to enter, don’t you have to e mail?

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