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Robinson’s Revels Blessing

November 18, 2010

It takes a village to raise a child and in my village (which includes my family, my writers support groups, my choir) the Portland Christmas Revels is like my church. So it made perfect sense to me that, instead of a traditional baptism, I would take my baby to the Revelers for his blessing, to welcome him into the world, to show him that God is love and that the earth is a beautiful place to live.

I brought Binny to the opening circle of the Revels first mega-rehearsal last month. We were invited into the center of the group and the chorus sang Binny The Travelers Prayer. He watched and listened as if in awe. He will probably not remember the experience, but I will never forget it. Gorgeous, breathtaking. Find the lyrics below. (If you would like to hear the music, the Portland Christmas Revels has just come out with a CD that I’m certain you will love.  To order it and/or  learn more about the Revels go to:

My deepest thanks to my Revelers, the happy few.

The Travelers Prayer

(John Renbourn) 

Praise to the moon, bright queen of the skies,

Jewel of the black night, the light of our eyes,

Brighter than starlight, whiter than snow,

Look down on us in the darkness below.


If well you should find us then well let us stay,

Be it seven times better when you make your way,

Be it seven times better when we greet the dawn,

So light up our way and keep us from all harm.


Give strength to the weary, give alms to the poor,

To the tainted and needy five senses restore,

Give song to our voices, give sight to our eyes,

To see the sun bow as the new moon shall rise.


Cast your eyes downwards to our dwelling place,

Three times for favour and three times for grace,

Over the dark clouds your face for to see,

To banish misfortune and keep Trinity.


In the name of the waters which spring from the earth,

In the name of the rivers to whom they give birth,

In the name of the oceans, the seven deep seas,

All praise to the moon, for eternity.



Tea & Ghosties

November 8, 2010

I tried to carve the smile to match Binny's.

My annual Supernatural Tea Party marked its two-year anniversary with the traditional Halloween Tea.

 Cyn decorated the rest of the house with her fabulous Halloween toy collection, but I decorated the living room and dining room with spooky style tomb stones, ghosts, gargoyles, skeletons, and other long-leggity beasties.

We told ghost stories and discussed the history of the holiday, mysteries unseen, and other fascinating tidbits.

Some of Cyn's Halloweeny "dolls" on display.

We served fresh scones with Devon cream, pumpkin/gingerbread tarts, lemon curd sandwiches, and trick-or-treat sweets.

I also turned green “snowballs” into cemetery cakes — fun.

Bin as a duck for the Halloween fair on the 30th.

We heard the recording of Vincent Price teaching how to conjure a demon (don’t worry — we didn’t take his advice — but it was vintage entertainment on a dark Halloween evening.)

At the fair with a scary clown -- oh, my!

(By the way, I always protect our meetings with the Light of God so that no subject we might touch on can bring us any negativity.)

Binny was the only one who wore a costume, but he looked spiffy as Pierrot.

After the tea we had a movie clips party where Cyn, Don and I showed some of our favorite spooky scenes — Don also showed part of a documentary about the origins of All Hallows Eve.

Bin chats with Susan Fletcher.

Sadly, no trick-or-treater ever comes to our door — no street lights, no sidewalks, and too much land between each house out in these parts.

Max as a bat and Binny giving Don a funny look -- hey, kid, Don's making sure you don't topple off the table!

The night was delightful ~ Bin loved his first Halloween.

How to enter . . .

November 6, 2010

I forgot to tell my blog readers how to enter the monthly Give-Aways. So sorry.

Go to my website (there’s a link on the right side of this blog) and email me using the link that says “email Laura Whitcomb” then leave me your name and physical address so I can mail you the prize if you win.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I love Oregon in the fall

November Give-Away

November 5, 2010

Linda of San Mateo, California is the winner of the October Give-Away — congratulations, Linda. I’ll send you (and the winner of the June Give-Away) copies of the soft cover FETCH now that I have them in stock, as it were.

In honor of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) the November Give-Away will be a signed (by me, at least) copy of YOUR FIRST NOVEL, co-authored with my fabulous agent Ann Rittenbrerg.

Praise for YFN ~

Harlan Coben:

Superb advice on writing a great novel and getting it published.

George Hagen, author of The Laments:

This book offers the spark of inspiration that gets a writer both mentally and physically geared for the task. Then it delivers something equally vital: clear-headed, positive advice about the business side of writing a novel. It’ll inspire you to create, challenge you to be great, and bolster you with the wisdom of two seasoned professionals.

~Happy Halloween~

November 1, 2010

My mother taught me this song — does anyone else remember it from their childhoods?

“Tonight is the night

When dead leaves fly

Like witches on switches

Across the sky

And elf and sprite flit through the night

On an eerie sheen —

It’s Halloween.”