Tea & Magic

Our most recent Supernatural Tea was on the subject of Magick – the artistry of magic tricks and the supernatural kind  – everything from conjuring to disapparation.  (Wait, is that a word?!)

We dined on Tillamook cheddar/apple/basil sandwiches, zucchini bread Pam made for us, figgy jam Cyn made for us, chocolates (ginger, cherry, and toffee) and a nice pot of Earl Grey.

Don did a few feats of prestidigitation using cards, coins, and a wee wooden guillotine. He’s quite the illusionist. I don’t know how he did it. (And I don’t want to know — it’s magic, after all.) As usual Binny was very keen to listen to our conversations and participate. Don and Cyn showed magic clips. We plotted a few treats for the upcoming Halloween tea. (Don promises to play a recording of Vincent Price supposedly conjuring up a demon – spooky, if campy, fun!)

While we’re on the subject of magic, another of my “favorite things” is the magic stylings of my cousin magician/actor/filmmaker Scott Cervine. Here is the link to a 1985 recording of his legendary ring act.


Oh, the artistry! I adore him and his contribution to the craft which will remain part of the history of magic forever, I’m quite certain of it.


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