My Career Team

Writing a novel is a lot of work, but I’m not the only one who works on my career. So much happens behind the scenes and it is equally hard work for which I cannot take credit; I thought you might like to know who is in my corner.

Ann with her dog, Benben

My literary agent is Ann Rittenberg. She is fabulous at her job. She pitches my ideas to editors, our Hollywood agent at CAA, and foreign scouts. She sells my books to their publishers and negotiates the deals, vets the contracts, sends me my royalties and advance checks, gives me career advice, bucks me up when I feel discouraged, and is a wonderful friend. Ann and I co-authored the book YOUR FIRST NOVEL, a great experience for me. Ann’s assistant, Penn, is also a total gem.

Kate with her cat


My editor for THE FETCH and UNDER THE LIGHT is Kate O’Sullivan.  I loved my SLANT editor, Eden Edwards, and worried that when Eden left Houghton Mifflin I wouldn’t like my new editor as much. But I was wrong — Kate is GREAT! She is wonderfully easy to communicate with, has superb insight, and did a fantastic job at helping me improve my work. (Not to gloat, but lucky me!)

Karen, publicity stylist

My Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publicist is Karen Walsh. She sets up book tours and speaking/reading events, works with me on the readers guides for my novels, sends me splendid materials (post cards, book marks, flyers) to advertize my projects, contacts people about possible interviews and book reviews, and is also a joy to work with.

Brian the web master

My website stylist is Brian Batson. He was terrific at not only giving me what I asked for on my site and blog, but speaking to me in layman’s terms. I’m such a low-techie! He was very patient.

Cyn with Binny

My sister Cynthia is also part of my team. She’s a writer and a teacher of writing who not only acts as my first reader (giving me notes for revision on my manuscripts) but she also helps me with childcare. Cyn, or “Nana” to my son Binny, gives the baby his early bottle so I can get an hour or two extra sleep (luckily she’s a morning person and I’m a night person) and also spends two hours with Bin each day so I can write. I couldn’t do it without her!

I know some of you out there reading this post are writers on the verge of publication. I wish for you a team as terrific as mine.


5 Responses to “My Career Team”

  1. Robin Says:

    It’s a great team, isn’t it? And I ADORE Kate. Just adore her. We are very lucky writers, you and I. 🙂

  2. Wendela Says:

    I love reading about your team and seeing the pictures. I especially love the pic of Cyn and Bin!

  3. Mary Says:

    Wow, what a group! I had no idea there were that many people involved. And I’m SOOO jealous of your child care. 😛 I do my writing at night… the middle of the night… when everyone is sleeping. It gets old. That’s why I’m taking a break and peeking at your blog. 🙂 And now, back to work!

  4. Mary Virginia Munoz Says:

    Awesome! Great peek into the background… and loved FIRST NOVEL. It’s ultimately re-readable.

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