Black Tea & the Green Man

At our last Supernatural Tea we talked about Forest Lore – the Green Man, Pan, the powerful use of woods in myth and fairytale, the idea of plants having feelings and thoughts, Robyn Hode (Robin Hood), enchanted sod, and other fascinating tidbits of supernatural  nature.

We dined on woodsy treats — stuffed mushrooms, nuts, berries (black and blue) – and traditional tasties such as tea sandwiches, chocolates, English style chocolate biscuits, and Earl Grey tea. I iced and decorated shortbread cookies in blue and pink to match my china. I tried to copy the way my grandmother used to create flowers and leaves, magically turning a drop of pink frosting and a knife smear of green into a rose and a leaf with the use of a toothpick dipped in food dye. Mine did not come close to hers (she was a painter, after all – wish I’d paid more attention when I was young) but I did manage to get ONE leaf perfect.

Julie could not attend but sent us several treats – a tea cozy she handmade to match my Mt. Vernon china, a poem she wrote about the Green Man, and a couple of conversation starting questions. Don read the poem aloud and did a much better job than I could have. (With an accent and not a bit of hesitation on a cold reading – how handy that he’s an actor.)

Don and I each decorated half the mantle – mine is the left side where you find a painted wood face of the green man, a fairy sized tree, a wee hedgehog, etc. Don’s is the right side where you find statues of Pan and Cernunnos, as well as the Lord and Lady of the Forest candleholders with glowing eyes.

Binny dressed up in a bow-tie (okay, the shorts, shirt, vest, and tie were all sewn together and made of tee-shirt material, but still . . . sporty!) and he had a fabulous time. He loves company and conversation, but he’s starting to get jealous of the food. (So far he’s a straight formula man.)

A sign of good fortune, a deer came into our yard (as oft happens) — a sweet sight.

Don brought several wonderful clips of related stories (Pan, fairies, forests, and the like.)

I showed a very strange, allegedly real, clip of some small things that (to me) look like living plant stalks walking across a yard at night. To see this clip, go to Hulu on your Internet searcher, “search” for the TV show “Fact or Faked” and choose the episode titled “Unwanted Visitors/Strange Sightings” to view the possible critters and make your own judgment. Part of me thinks it might be a trick, and yet the crew of the show could not seem to debunk this footage. Also, the way the investigating team gets teased on location, as if by some kind of naughty forest gremlins, and the mysterious heat image footage they captured afterwards, are intriguing, to say the least.

Robyn Hode

The next tea will probably be on the subject of Magick. I’m very much looking forward to that.

So glad to have caught my own little forest sprite!


One Response to “Black Tea & the Green Man”

  1. Wendela Says:

    I always love reading about your supernatural tea parties, and seeing the pictures. I saw that Fact or Faked episode – the sighting was in Fresno, which is kind of my neck of the woods. (I’ve never seen one myself, but I’ll keep my eyes open for unusual sightings next time we’re there!)

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