Where I work . . .

I’ve heard that sometimes readers like to see (or hear about) authors’ work spaces. This is mine. My son and dog and I share a house with my sister and her daughter and their two dogs. My baby’s nursery and my bedroom are on the second floor, but my Writing Den is downstairs.

I chose a shallow card table as my writing desk because if you gave me a bigger surface on which to work I’d cover it with stuff. Small means I have to keep most things put away. I just need room for my laptop, my printer, a mug warmer, and at least 8 by 11 inches of free space to the right of my keyboard for a page of notes. The stereo’s essential (behind the desk) — I LOVE my writing music.

There’s plenty of light –  windows look out onto the front garden and beyond to the horse farm on the hill across the road. The sunsets are lovely.

French doors open into the entry way. My dog likes to see who is coming to visit. (No doorbell left unbarked!)

I’ve never been a grown up about decorating. I tend to have mismatched furniture (as you can see) because I either got the pieces as hand-me-downs from older siblings (I’m the youngest of four) or I picked them up at the Goodwill. (I love the Goodwill.) Or I inherited them from my parents, like the antique server. My den’s not huge but I have room for Max’s doggy bed and blanket and for my son, Binny’s, buzzy seat, and for my stair-step exerciser that I use sometimes while I’m thinking. (I should do that more often. Exercise. Also think.)

I separate my books into fiction and research books. (Okay, I’ll admit it – I don’t read much nonfiction unless it’s research for one of my novels.)

I keep one of every version of my published works – advanced reader copies, hardbacks and paperbacks, audio books, foreign language versions, and new printings that add groovy things to the cover of a novel like quotes from great reviews.

I keep meaning to stop, but I’m always adding treasures to my “museum.” Some of the relics are junk shop level and a few are real antiques. 

As with the museum, my walls are decorated with some fine art and some fine junk. The overall effect of my den may seem Halloweeny — actually, Halloween is my second favorite holiday, after Christmas — but I’m not at all a dark or morbid person. I write about the dark parts of the Supernatural only to showcase the Light.


So that’s my work space. I better get back in there and write a book.

Well . . . as soon as Binny goes down for a nap.


One Response to “Where I work . . .”

  1. Wendela Says:

    I love these pictures! Especially Binny!

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