Robinson’s Nursery

While I waited for my son to arrive  (many more than nine months, since he was adopted) I had plenty of time to create his room. Since I loved fairies and elves as a child, I knew I wanted to make his nest into something magical. Not a frilly, cartoon Tinkerbell bedroom, but a quasi-Victorian fairy forest den.


I found a vintage-looking soft, stretchy brown material to cover the worn and modern chair I use for rocking Binny. We love to sing and read books snuggled there.

My niece, who had just graduated from college with an art degree, helped me paint the tree on the wall.

And I found shelves, like fairy-sized balconies, from which little toys could watch us.

At the Goodwill I bought old fashioned wooden shelves. At the Dollartree I bought tiny unvarnished bird houses, which I painted in browns and greens to fashion a pixie neighborhood near the ceiling.

I collected small things (furniture, dishes, shoes) and created little elvin rooms on some of the shelves.

 We have a box called the “Fairy Lost & Found” filled with misplaced tiny items such as hats, toys, and crockery.

High on the walls are doors that lead into pixie dwellings, I suppose, because no mouse could get up there without a ladder. You need wings.

Because I also love theater, I decorated the walls with masks and wings.

Above the closet door a line is hung with fairy laundry and the “wall” is lined with tiny flower pots. (I would buy small animals and dolls at the Goodwill for a buck each and steal their clothes, donating them back naked. And the tiny pots and flowers were from Michael’s with chewing gum as potting soil.)

There is a welcome sign near the door with the words “enter with love” written in fairy. (Well, symbol font, anyway.) A few tiny books on the shelf are also in “fairy” and when decoded say things like:

Up the airy mountain

Down the rushy glen

We daren’t go a-hunting

For fear of little men . . .

(by William Allingham)


Up and down, up and down

I will lead them up and down

I am feared in field and town

Goblin lead them up and down

(William Shakespeare from A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream)

There is a grasshopper with a saddle and a praying mantis pulling a wagon.

 Under the changing table teensy dwellings hide.

A little white window frame looks out (in?) at other fairy houses.

I took the Pluto and Mickey Mouse toys off the crib mobile that I bought and replaced them with a squirrel, a pixie, a bee, and a moth. (The moth might be ugly, but I made him myself.) I found leaf material and hired a friend to make the crib’s dust ruffle and bumper. I liked to pretend the bed was made by the elves from leaves and twigs gathered in the forest.

Binny has a small TV with a VCR, a hand-me-down from my mother, but I found a piece of medieval looking tapestry cloth to make a cover for it so it fits in better with the decor. The room is strewn with little chairs and silk flowers and vines. I discovered flameless votive candles and hid them around the shelves. It looks enchanting in the dark with the tiny fairy lights glowing.

More fairy houses . . .

Fox keeps watch from a stump . . .

Well, I’ve gone on too long, but I do love the nursery. Binny seems to love it, too. But, on my honor, I will let him redecorate the room himself when he decides robots or dinosaurs or trains are more his cup of tea. (Hmmm, maybe I can turn him on to Harry Potter. Hogwarts sounds like a fun theme.)


6 Responses to “Robinson’s Nursery”

  1. Lynsey Newton Says:

    That has to be one of the coolest kids rooms ever…

  2. Mary Says:

    There’s a door in the tree! That sooo inspires the imagination! Binny will have to move to another room if/when he wants a different decore, imo.

  3. Wendela Says:

    I love looking at these pictures! What fun, each nook and corner has something magical!

  4. Colleen Rial Says:

    You have done a fantastic job decorating little Binny’s room and you’ve given me some great ideas for my daughters room. We’re really thinking about a Tinkerbell bedroom decor but so many of the things you’ve shown tie in so well to what I want. I’m just hoping I can pull off my Tinkerbell bedroom as well as you have done.

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