Tea and Mermaids . . .

At the June Supernatural Tea Party we ate fresh raspberries, scones with double Devon cream, and tiny Havarti grilled sandwiches. We talked about mermaids — there were plenty of sightings recorded before 1949 and then quite a drop off. Could mermaids have been real and simply went the way of the Dodo Bird?

We also talked about vampires and zombies and the possibility that giants once roamed the earth. (See bones below.) We exchanged selkie stories and Don Stewart Burns brought a “life size” cardboard picture of a brownie (about three feet tall) to give us the feel of what it would be like to come across one face to face. (Think Dobby the house elf only not so cute.)

(I assume) faked photo.

Again, baby Robinson couldn’t get enough of the guests and their ideas. He did quite a bit of “talking” and insisted he did not need to nap. He might miss something!


Fun conversation, tasty eats, and delightful company. Who could ask for more?


7 Responses to “Tea and Mermaids . . .”

  1. Paula Says:

    Hi Laura, how are you? What a lovely and interesting way to spend the afternoon, Baby Robinson is gorgeous (many congratulations),

    Its interesting you were talking Selkies, which are also quite prominent in Scottish forklore, it reminds me of a book I read at school (back in the day) called ‘A Stranger Came Ashore’ by Mollie Hunter, Finn being the Great Selkie.

    Take care,best wishes, Paula 🙂

  2. Anne Says:

    Oh, it sounds so lovely! And I love the picture of young Robinson being so involved in things!

    (somewhere, I still have a notebook you gave me years ago, with a picture of seals on it, because it reminded you of Selkies. It actually still has blank pages, because I only used it for writing Special Things!)

  3. Ashley Says:

    I always love reading about your supernatural tea’s! That’s an interesting idea about mermaids. I’ve never really looked into them before. I’ll have to google them. :p

    Baby Robinson is so adorable, btw!

  4. Marianne Says:

    Laura, your tea party sounds intriguing…are your still posting? Don’t stop, because we need to take back the phrase “tea party” – don’t you think?
    I’ve always liked them and when I was invited to one last year it was a fantasy come true…I liked it so much that I began to incorporate tea parties into a fairy series I create.

    I love the John Waterhouse mermaid painting above…he is a mentor of mine. His work is beautiful.

    Baby Robinson is sweet! Thank you for sharing…


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