Tea & Company

At our monthly Supernatural Tea Party we talked about magical, mythic, mystical places. Was Atlantis a real city? And if so, where was it and what destroyed it? Could some magic lands from literature actually be based in truth? Are some “places” not wholly tangible or intangible? Is there something in between?

One idea that I don’t believe but that intrigues me is the Hollow Earth theory. Was Shangri La a warm and green paradise at the top of the world because it existed on the inside of the planet?


Of course, as usual, we digressed (often the most fun) and touched on many subjects including my sister’s idea that A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT might actually help the dead – could a stuck soul, like Helen, read SLANT over someone’s shoulder and learn a way to let go and move into Heaven?

We ate tea sandwiches, banana bread, blackberries with cream, and chocolate mints. We drank three pots of Earl Grey. We had one new visitor, Penny, teacher, friend of Goody and Jessie, one of my sister’s writing cruise buddies. Binny (my four month old son) enjoyed himself greatly and was particularly talkative during the Atlantis discussion.  

In June we’ll talk about supernatural people (mermaids, witches, werewolves, zombies, vampires, shape-shifters and the like.) Might be time to bake scones again!


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