New Mommy Brain

(Notice the Min Pin nose in center bottom -- Max tries to get into most photos with his boy.)

I LOVE being a mother and I ADORE my son. I do have to get used to certain things, though. I used to be Miss “Johnny on the Spot” — I arrived early to rehearsals and appointments, I kept up with sending family and friends gifts and cards at birthdays, I had my rooms organized, I answered fan emails the same day I got them, and I could write a list of thirty things to do each day and get twenty of them done.

Ever since my son was born, however, I’ve become embarrassingly disorganized about certain things. Sure, I steam his bottles and always have plenty of diapers and wipes and powdered formula on hand. But I’m still just sending off the last two of my thank you notes for a baby shower that took place two months ago. I do laundry but never seem to put it away – I just keep dressing baby and me from the stack of clean clothes. It took me over two months to send in some paperwork that should have taken one afternoon. I write a list of thirty things to do each day and do four of them! What’s the matter with me???

Apparently, I have New Mommy Brain. It’s not just a chemical phenomenon that afflicts women who give birth. I adopted my son, but as you can tell, I’m suffering from an acute case of NMB. Not that I’m complaining – becoming a family with Binny is the best thing in the world – my favorite part of life. No, I’m not complaining – I’m apologizing.

I apologize to the two websites that I forgot to send guest blogs to and to the two that I meant to send donations to. And to the Give-Away winners who had to wait until I got back from Chicago to get their prizes mailed out. And to my friends and relatives who watch patiently as I try to get ready to go somewhere. Much harder to get out that front door with a baby. (And, seriously, if you sent us a baby gift and I never sent you a thank you note . . . PLEASE email or call or drop by and ask how we liked the gift. I know we loved it! I want to thank you! I do!)

And Thank you to all the patient people in my life as I figure out how to organize my things, my work, my time. Thank you, people I said I would call and haven’t yet, for being so nice. Thank you, Binny, for being such a good sport about Mommy’s flustered moments. Thank you to my dog, Maximus, for waiting, being quiet, making room for baby, and being so sweet when left at home as Binny and I drive off for errand trips on which you were once invited. Thank you to the calm doctors and nurses who listen to me and answer my questions. Thank you to everyone who cheerfully helps me out when I say, “I know you sent me that info before, but could you possibly resend it?”

You are all angels. Bless you. And I vow to get my act together. This evening is about picking up my space. I’ll keep you updated. Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “New Mommy Brain”

  1. Wendela Says:

    I love the pictures! Hang in there with the NMB, and remember to forgive yourself, as others forgive you, if you are at times less organized than you’re used to being. You’re doing a terrific job!

  2. Mary Says:

    Wendela is right; you must forgive yourself as you continue to do as you can. It sounds as though you are prioritizing well, though. I thank you (for them) that you are appreciative of the doctors and nurses, but no guilt allowed there, as you MUST utilize your resources for yours as well as Binny’s well-being. We are so happy for you!

  3. Siobhan Says:

    Awww, I just love that mini Binny face! *huggles* And don’t feel bad, at least you have NMB to blame. Some people get that frenzied and scattered without lil bebeh goodness. ;P

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