Huzzah to the Ronald McDonald House!

 My son, Robinson, was born five weeks early and had to stay in the neonatal ICU at Advocates Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois until he was ten days old. The Ronald McDonald House, only three blocks away, welcomed us in and we stayed with them for over a month until the last adoption document arrived. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the RMH organization and especially the staff and clients at the Oak Lawn House — they came to feel like a second family to us.  


The building was large, beautiful and our room was huge. There was a kitchen full of food we were free to eat anytime, a laundry room, again free. (A life saver, seeing as how Binny wet his clothes, and often mine, several times a day.) There was a TV room, a play room, a small library,  and a lovely dining room where we ate with other guests and made friends.   

Staff members Kelly, Katie, and Lindsay.


Binny snoozing sweetly at the RMH.


Volunteers came in at least once a day to cook a meal or bake us cookies or cup cakes. We had free wifi. There was a shuttle to take us to and from the hospital at any hour or to the nearby Target for diapers and formula. And the suggested donation per night was only ten dollars (and those who can’t afford this do not have to pay at all.) I’m not poor, but I don’t know what I would have done if I’d had to pay $149.00 a night for a hotel room for 32 nights! 

Staffer Lindsey keeps Bin company while I put in yet another load of laundry.

I sent a modest gift to the Oak Lawn House and am driving over some more donations to a RMH here in Portland, but I will also think differently about how much change I toss into the donation slot when I drive through a McDonald’s for a coke and some fries. Thank you, thank you, thank you, RMH workers and guests who befriended us. You were so generous and gracious. And Binny’s first month of life was blessed by your kindness.  

Fellow guest, Robin, with Binny in the group dining hall.


2 Responses to “Huzzah to the Ronald McDonald House!”

  1. Aasha McRobets Says:

    It was great to meet you there. Hope we’ll be able to connect in early July when we are out there. I can only imagine how big Binny will be by then! =-)

  2. Siobhan Says:

    omg, look how alert he is (in the laundry photo, with Lindsey and PinkyMinky) at such a young age!

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