Tea and Time Travel

Time Travel and Parallel Universes was the theme of my most recent Supernatural Tea Party (see blog entry from January 6th.) Our new guests included Goody and Jessie’s fabulous friend, Roxanne, and my son, Robinson.

Roxanne & Robinson

Binny seemed thrilled by it all and on the verge of speech. We had sparkling peach juice, tea sandwiches, and cake. We discussed the concepts of twin parallel and multiple (infinite?) universes. We talked about time travel lore and the idea that some ghostly encounters might actually be glimpses back (or forward) in time. I love these gatherings. Can’t wait for the next.

the eats


3 Responses to “Tea and Time Travel”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I wish I could have been! The current novel I’m writing required me to do a lot of research into time theories and the possibility of time travel. Have you heard of Eternism?

    And your book, “Novel Shortcuts” is helping me with the writing aspects of this novel a ton. 😉

  2. Tim Says:

    Eternism is awesome. We found out about it and created a facebook group for it.

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