April Give-Away . . .

So sorry that it’s taken me a month to write a new blog ~ I’ve been mesmerized by my baby son.  

The winner of the March Give-Away was Kaitlyn of Wildomar California. The April Give-Away is for you writers out there who want to see what it feels like to use old materials. I’m giving away a set of quill, ink cake, and handmade paper. If you’d like to be in the drawing for this unusual prize, send your name and address to the “Email Laura Whitcomb” feature on my website at www.laurawhitcomb.com. (And let me know if you do not want to get postcards and bookmarks from my future novels — if so I’ll delete your address after the drawing for that month is done.)

I’m learning to be a new mom and a writer at the same time. I am starting another rewrite of UNDER THE LIGHT and I hope to blog at least once a week from now on. But it’s really not my fault if I get distracted by my baby — he’s delightful and absolutely compelling. See below.

Binny (2 mos, 8 lbs) Maximus (4 yrs, 12 lbs)


3 Responses to “April Give-Away . . .”

  1. Rebecca North Says:

    The picture of teeny Binny and Max is adorable! I’ll have to save it to my computer. So cute!

  2. Wendy Says:

    I love this photo! =D

  3. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yay! That was me! 😀
    Your son is sooo cute!

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