March Give-Away!

I’m finally home with my baby son. Sure good to be back! Thank you for your prayers, congratulations, encouragement, and good vibes.

Binny finds his thumb!

Sorry that I’m a little behind, but the winner of the February Give-Away is Lynsey of South Hampton, England. So many people have been interested in the signed copy of SLANT that I’m repeating it this month.

(Thought you’d like to see what SLANT will look like on a book store shelf in Poland this month.)

The March Give-Away is a signed copy of A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT. I will keep everyone who entered in February (except Lynsey) on the list. Send your name and street address to me through the “Email Laura Whitcomb” feature on my website at . (Let me know if you DO NOT want to be on my snail mail list for bookmarks and other promotional stuff about my upcoming novels ~ otherwise I’ll keep your address for that mailing list.)


3 Responses to “March Give-Away!”

  1. Isadora Says:

    Hi, Laura. I’m really happy for you and Binny. He’s lucky for having such a talented mom. His childhood will rock, if you’re planning on telling him stories 🙂
    Oh, is this give-away open internationally?

  2. Wendela Says:

    What a sweet picture!

  3. Rishu Says:

    Really a very cute boy =)
    Just wanted to say that I love your book A Certain Slant of Light. It was recently published in Germany and I got to read the sample copy the publisher sent to our store. I finished it within one day because I couldn’t stop reading 🙂

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