February Give-Away

The winner of the January Drawing was Marianna from Louisville, MS — Congrats! I’ll send that grab bag of YA novels to you when I get back into town. (I’m in Chicago at the moment. More on that in a few days.)

The Feb Give-Away will be a signed copy of A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT. Remember to email me your name and address if you want to be in the drawing. You can use the “Email Laura Whitcomb” link on my website at www.laurawhitcomb.com.

And tell me if you’d rather not be on the snail mail list. Anyone who doesn’t say they don’t want to be on the snail mail list is automatically saved on it. Snail mail means you get freebies when I recieve them from my publisher (bookmarks, postcards) about my latest novel (in this case, UNDER THE LIGHT, the sequel to SLANT, will be my next published work) — it only happens once a year or so that I send out freebies. If you say “NO SNAIL MAIL” I’ll erase your name and address from the list after the drawing is complete.

Thought You’d like to see what the Spanish cover of SLANT looks like.


One Response to “February Give-Away”

  1. K-Fed Says:

    No! I can’t believe I lost two months in a row!

    That’s okay. I really wanted the signed copy of a Certain Slant of Light anyway.

    Spanish cover is fantastic, BTW 😛

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