midway haze

Ah, yes, I’m halfway through my UNDER THE LIGHT rewrite #1. Here are the kinds of thoughts that come to me during this sort of crunch:

1.) Hey, how come my manuscript is getting shorter? No fair. (It’s from tightening up the writing.)

2.) Did I say this already? (Sometimes I discover that I accidentally inserted a good idea into two different spots in the first draft. I usually detect this when I see the section the second time and remember having revised a certain phrase already.)

3.) Do the chapter breaks really go here? (As I revise, sometimes one chapter plumps up and another one tightens up — sometimes they get so off balance pagecount-wise I have to adjust. And then I have to remember to make sure the new chapter closing has a cliffhanger.)

4.) Should I email my editor that I need an extra couple days now . . . or wait until Monday?   =)

5.) How many cups of coffee have I had so far today?

6.) When’s the last time I took my dog out for a widdle?

7.) It can’t really be 4:30 already!

8.) It might clear my head if I did something else for a few minutes. Like write a blog post.

9.) Maybe I’d better check my email again to see if there’s any news from my agent.

10.) Ooh, I just had a good idea for my NEXT novel — I’d better jot that down.

Well, I should get back to the rewrite. I’ll check in again when I get all the way through.


One Response to “midway haze”

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