Let them speak!

Sometimes when you’re writing along on your novel, your gut instinct directs your protagonist to say or do something controversial, but you censor yourself and your character. You decide, almost as fast as you thought of the idea, that it is too harsh, too off the wall, too dangerous. But often that gut instinct is right.

When I was younger I tended to have a character think about saying a certain thing but explain why she doesn’t. Now I try to let my people speak out or act out. Better to let your protagonist get in trouble and then have to get herself out of it. So, let your hero call her boss a name, make an unforgivable joke during a funeral, say what she’s really thinking about a man she’s just met right to his face. Let your characters make their lives messy. It’s more interesting (fun) for you as the writer and readers remember (and love) a character who gets herself out on the end of a skinny limb.


One Response to “Let them speak!”

  1. chantel fernandes Says:

    Hi Laura!
    Thanks for your tips, they come in quite handy when I have writers block.

    Much appreciated

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