Skipping transitions . . .

When I’m trying to write a rough draft of a novel fast, as so many people are at this very moment for Nanowrimo, I sometimes find I can get more done if I skip from one scene to another and don’t worry about the transitions.

I list all the scenes I have left to write in the whole book (jane and joe meet at park, jane visits her father at the shop, john gets a call from the priest, and so on) and I simply choose the one I feel like writing at the moment. I don’t worry about the transition from the scenes that will come before and after it. I just type the letters TRANS on the page so later I can easily see which transitions I will have left to smooth out later.

It’s much less daunting if my novel writing  “to do” list says “write 14 transitions” instead of “write the five last chapters.” (Hmmm, this may be one of those weird things that only works for me, but I’m not shy. I like sharing ideas. Hopefully it’ll work for someone else out there.)        =)


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