Seriously, it wasn’t just the candy.

I love Halloween and have all my life. Sure, the idea of a pillow case heavy with fun sized snickers was greatly appealing, but as I explain in my 10/24/09 guest blog on, it was more about the atmosphere. Here’s an excerpt:

old time Halloween illustration

“I liked the light ā€“ the laughter and sweets and playfulness of it all. But honestly, I found I preferred the darkness between streetlights. I liked not knowing precisely who was behind each mask. I liked the corny taped sound effects of moaning spirits and even the neighbors who opened their doors with wolfman masks on and made me hide my face. I loved how even the kids in the lightest, easiest to see costumes–white sheets and pale fairy dresses–would fade like ghosts as they moved down the block. I loved the glow of jagged toothed jack-o-lanterns in the blackness and the smell of burning pumpkins and wax, of rotting dead leaves in the gutters and cinnamon cider. I loved the dizzying tracks of flashlights dancing like sprites, leading us through the night.”

Visit the Debutante Ball website for the complete post. And do something fun this year. Go to a party or throw one. Find a haunted mansion. (The one in Janzten Beach was a hoot last time I went.) Come to one of my book store events (or find someone else’s, if you live too far from Portland OR.) Have a spooky clips gathering. Carve a pumpkin. Dress up and play.


One Response to “Seriously, it wasn’t just the candy.”

  1. Karen Amanda Hooper Says:

    I will be going back home to Baltimore next weekend so I can carve pumpkins and see the colorful Autumn leaves. It’s become my Halloween tradition. Great post!

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