Max tracks

They say that min pins are born ratters, and when Maximus (my four year old dog) was a wee thing, he would take stuffed animals in his jaws and shake his head furiously back and forth as if snapping the neck of the unfortunate  ducky/scoobydoo/froggy. It is not uncommon for him, master tracker that he believes himself to be, to follow madly after some mysterious scent, around the yard or down the street, when I take him out for his first pee of the day. And he never holds back a single decibel when sounding the alert that some evil jogger is pushing a stroller past our driveway.


Max, the ever-watchful

Max, the ever-watchful

But the other night, as I sat in bed writing in my journal, Max was sitting in his little doggy bed watching me in complete silence. I assumed he was watching me, but when I glanced up, his eyes were not set on mine. He was looking past me. I turned around, and there on the wall near my head was a spider who was (I’m sure) thinking about using my hair as a staircase down into my covers. I hopped up and dispatched the little creature. (No details—I don’t want to upset spider enthusiasts.)


I really did appreciate the fact that Max was tracking the spider. I’m pretty sure he would’ve sprung to my defense if the thing had in fact climbed aboard my head. But I felt like I had accidentally set my dog’s volume on silent, or maybe vibrate. I hope I haven’t shushed him one too many times lately. I hope Max will yip, stand up, point his nose and paw, hunting dog style, if we ever have another intruder.

 But still, loud or soft, Max is my hero.


One Response to “Max tracks”

  1. Wendy Says:

    He is a stalwart and worthy hero, is our Max!

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