The dark and the light of “horror”

Recently someone asked me why I write about such dark things, and I was confused for a moment. I didn’t see myself as dark.  I may write about death, ghosts, demons, and hauntings, but I don’t actually write horror.

ghost on stairs

No matter how seemingly dark my storylines might sound, I always write about the light. I believe there is light and love at the core of the universe and inside every human being. So there should be light at the center of every story I write, because that’s why we’re here on this planet with each other. That’s why humans need each other and look into the sky and pray and get choked up when we see our children on stage in the school play. It’s why we want to help people we see who are lost or in pain or frightened even if they’re strangers to us.



Sometimes human beings hate and make wars and do and say things that are dark and evil, but I believe we are, at our basic cores, loving and hopeful beings. I think that’s what truly draws me to the stories I love to read and the stories I love to write. Those stories reassure me that everything and everyone is lit from the inside with a common flame.


2 Responses to “The dark and the light of “horror””

  1. Wendy Says:

    So true.

  2. Ashley Says:

    I agree with you! While Certain Slant of Light is about ghosts, I never thought of it as a horror story– more of a romance/redemption story.

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