A work in progress, part two

I have been working on my newest project UNDER THE LIGHT (a sequel to A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT) and I’ve been finding the process fascinating, like remembering a forgotten dream or finding that deja vu is actually not a trick of the mind. Hard to describe. As I discover who Jenny and Billy are, and the emotions that rock their relationship, as I lead them down the path of discovery toward the possibility that ghosts inhabited them, I get more and more excited about scenes later in the story. (I’m only on chapter six at the moment.)

Thought you'd like to see the Italian cover of SLANT.

Thought you'd like to see the Italian cover of SLANT.

A fan gal emailed me three years ago or so and told me never to write a sequel to SLANT because it would never be as good. I agreed with her at the time. But eventually Jenny and Billy’s story started to materialize in my imagination and had overpowering appeal. Maybe UTL won’t be as good as ACSOL, but I’d like to prove us wrong by making it equally good. We shall see!


8 Responses to “A work in progress, part two”

  1. nuvonova Says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve just discovered your blog, it’s so lovely to read, and I will be checking out all your book recommendations,…after reading A Certain Slant of Light, I completely trust your taste!

    Great to know you are writing a sequel, I can’t wait!

    I just wrote a review about the book on my blog if you wanted to check it out!

  2. Katie Says:

    i’m also very interested to see where jenny and billy’s story would lead.
    i just finnished a certain slant of light about 10mins ago and i’m still drying my tears! an absolutly amazing novel!

  3. paige Says:

    loved the book… left me thinking over and over…

    ‘i know things of ineffable worth’

    just finished the book and searched to see if you had written more…

    so excited that you are writing a sequel …

  4. nafisa Says:

    ZOMG, just discovered your blog and I’m reading about a sequel to SLANT? That’s fantastic news! I’m sure it will be wonderful. Such a vivid, beautiful story needs a follow up. Good luck with it 🙂

  5. Nikki Says:

    I just finished A Certain Slant of Light for the 3rd time and was wishing there could be more concerning Jenny & Billy. This is so exciting!

    Since the first time I read ACSOL I’ve had a couple songs stuck in my head that go PERFECTLY with this book-

    The Truth About Heaven
    Basement Ghost Singing

    both by Armor For Sleep on their cd What To Do When You Are Dead

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