Diving out of the nest and learning to twitter

My twitter name is Lwhitcomb23.

Thank you to Karen and Meradeth for pointing out that I forgot to mention it. (By the way, Meradeth, my mouse slipped and I accidentally spammed your comment. Can’t figure out how to get it back. Please comment again whenever you’d like and I’ll be more careful, I promise.)  

Soon there will be facebook and twitter links on my website provided by Brian Batson, my fabulous web stylist. (If you need a web guy, I can get you in touch with him!)

Tweet to you soon!I love free clip art!


3 Responses to “Diving out of the nest and learning to twitter”

  1. Meradeth Says:

    Thanks for the post–I found you on Twitter 🙂

  2. Wendy Says:

    I am so impressed with you and your high tech twittering! Wow! Maybe I will have to learn to twitter just so I can keep up!

  3. Karen Amanda Hooper Says:

    Ah, how sneaky of you. Thanks for the secret code name. 🙂

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