Huzzah to the fans!

Huzzah (Renaissance Faire “speak” for Hurray) to everyone who has left comments or answers to my questions on my website (Amelianna, Becca, Cynthia, Kayla, M.E., Melissa, Rebecca, Susie, and Zac .) I love hearing from you all. And huzzah to the blog reply folks (Karen, Passionandfruit, Robin, Tashi, and Wendy.) And  a big huzzah to the creators of the SLANT mini-films which can be viewed  from the “Enthusiasm” page of my website. Links to those film-lets were sent to my literary agent, my Houghton Mifflin editor and publicist, and my Hollywood agent. Everyone loved them. Congratulations!

Thank you!

Thank you!

By the way, I’m twittering now. Just started. I’m also on facebook and Goodreads. I’ve always been a bit of a low-tech gal, but I’m trying to get more with it.

Talking about fans . . . I am a fan of many people/places/things that I may talk about from time to time. As an example, here is a link to a recording that I love so much I listen to it at least once a week:

Adam Lambert (American Idol 2009 runner-up) sings a song from the musical Brigadoon. Such a gorgeous tenor voice. Heartbreakingly beautiful.


5 Responses to “Huzzah to the fans!”

  1. Meradeth Says:

    Hi! What’s your account name on Twitter? It’s not very easy to search for people on there for those of us who might like to follow you 🙂

    (I’m enjoying your blog lots!)

  2. Karen Amanda Hooper Says:

    Huzzah to you too! Gonna go find you on Twitter now. Way to become a techie!

  3. Karen Amanda Hooper Says:

    Couldn’t find you on Twitter. 😦
    You can post a “follow me on Twitter” link to your blof if you’d like fans (like me!) to find you.

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