About Maximus (who is not convinced that he is a dog)

When I sold my first novel, I bought things like a CD player for my car, a new pair of sneakers, and a new printer. When I sold my first movie option I bought something I’d been wanting even more.  Maximus is now a four-year-old, but when I got him he was an eight week old, two and a half pound, Min Pin (miniature pinscher) puppy. The girls at the pet shop called him the Escape Artist because he could get out of any cage. They ended up putting a pad lock on his kennel door.

the Escape Artist himself

the Escape Artist himself

He chose me, or perhaps I should say that we chose each other. He locked his eyes on me when I walked into the pet store and wouldn’t look away, making respectful yips every few seconds to make sure I kept looking back to him (rather than at the other puppies for sale.) When they put him in a “play area” with me, he alternated between playing with my hands and running up my arm to cuddle at my neck. Come on—who of you could resist? Since he didn’t really know me yet, his courting of me gets chalked up to cleverness (he knew how to get chosen) more than affection (though he has plenty of that going on now.) He was so small (how small was he?) he was so small that when he curled up to sleep in the palm of my hand he looked like a mouse. 

There were a couple of weeks, during our first month together, when neither of us knew exactly what the other was saying, or wanted, but with a little time (and a great pup trainer namedVali Sugden) we were soon great friends and beloved companions. He appears to understand English, but he hasn’t actually spoken any yet. He’s pretty good at his tricks: sit, lie down, wait, relax, come, jump up, jump down, and simmer down now (which means “settle yourself into a comfortable position because you’re going to be here a while”) and he is a delight.  He’s not completely convinced he’s a dog (my fault) but he does believe I’m the boss which is what makes our relationship work so well. He started out the size of a hamster with long legs and is now over ten pounds and about the size of a box of Kleenex with long legs.

 I’ll let you know when he speaks his first word. (Does sign language count?)

May your pets bring you delight this day and every day.


18 Responses to “About Maximus (who is not convinced that he is a dog)”

  1. tashi Says:

    Haha This is the cutest post ever! I sometimes forget that authors are real people too. lol I’m more of a cat person (don’t hurt me, lol), but ur puppy sounds like a sweetie. I definetely want to know if he talks lol

    • Laura Whitcomb Says:

      Hi, Tashi. I’m a dog AND cat person. I grew up with a cat. She was aloof in a hilarious way. =)

  2. Wendy Says:

    I’m usually a cat person, too, (a person who loves and owns cats, not a human with furry ears and tail ^^) but who could resist a dog like Maximus? What a cutie!

  3. passionandfruit Says:

    I recently had to get rid of my dog because I was always at work and was never home to give her the attention she deserved. I am very upset, but I know that I made the right choice. Dogs are one of God’s greatest creations in my oppinion.

  4. passionandfruit Says:

    So when did you decide that you wanted to become a writer? I a very sorry for asking that because you are probally bombarded with questions about your career everyday.

    • Laura Whitcomb Says:

      I started writing little stories in elementary school, then my first attempt at a novel in 10th grade. I wrote twenty unpublished manuscripts before I broke in. I practiced a lot! =)

  5. passionandfruit Says:

    Haha, yeah. I want to write books. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. I entered short stories contests in elementary school, Young Authors contests in Jr. High, I even tried writing a novel my freshmen year of high school. I write everyday in a journal, and I write down things as they come. I think what really made me decide that I wanted to be a writer was the fact that I’d see people around me, and wonder how I could make them into a character worth reading about. I even bought your book, “Your First Novel” to help me.

  6. passionandfruit Says:

    Thanks. So has your dog learned to speak yet?

  7. passionandfruit Says:

    Yeah, my cat is pretty good at tricks I think. I taught her to fetch.

  8. Wendy Says:

    Wow, you taught your cat to fetch? That is impressive! We’ve only taught ours to eat and sleep, lol!

  9. The First Carol Says:

    I am my dogs best friend. Sounds like you travel that same road.

  10. passionandfruit Says:

    Animals seem to be the only thing in this world that actually stick around no matter what happens.

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