The Mystery of the Hay Shower

Yesterday hay fell from the sky. I was going out to let my Min Pin, Maximus, have a widdle. Out of a clear blue sky, strands of hay appeared and drifted down onto our driveway and lawn. Some strands as long as my arm with dry tufts on the ends like the tails of strange straw creatures. Some clumps, looking like flying birds’ nests, were as big as cowboy hats. This went on for several minutes. I could look into the cloudless blue and watch the blades appear from so far up they seemed to materialize like ghosts or fairies.

I called one of my friends (Grace) from madrigal choir, who had her own farm, and asked her about this phenomenon. She suspects a dust devil had touched down in some nearby field (there is, after all, a horse farm across the road from us) and swept up a load of loose dirt and hay. When the little twister lost its energy it would’ve dropped the straw back to earth from quite high up. That certainly sounds logical.

Luckily, I did NOT see this across the street.

But I’m not totally convinced. (Her other theory, although I suspect she was kidding, was some kind of crop circle event.)

Now, whenever I step outside the door I look up and wonder what might be drifting down for a visit. My dog sniffs the hay that still decorates the yard and sometimes jumps nervously back from a piece of it. (Although Max is also afraid of feathers, so I’ll not give his suspicion undue weight.) Still, I’d love to know where those nests of straw were right before we were gifted with them.



One Response to “The Mystery of the Hay Shower”

  1. Wendy Says:

    This is so cool, and spooky!

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